Moiety is a brand representing modern women.
Our designs are for non-aging women who want to feel effortless and elegant every day and everywhere.
Our accessible fashion business for every occasion.
This passion is simple but fashionable. complete yourself with moiety!

Moiety’s woman; modern and ambient, it is also elegant and well-clothed. Prefers the use of quality and durable products. It is so elegant as it is wild and it doesn’t bother too much with the norms.
She knows how to love the moment in every area. not attached to molds.
You can see in dinner with slippers sometimes and you can see sometimes with stiletto in the park. Because the moiety jeans wearing it are suitable for any occasion….
Like most people, he has both hard and fun side. which which one you would like to spend time with…
She is clear and ambitious about what he wants from life.
She is a good collaborator, a sweet friend, an educational mother and a desired girl friend at all ages…